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About Us

RD Enterprises is incorporated in Singapore with passion and interest towards the nature to have pleasure at the living place. We have done a market research on “living on the wood” which has given us a great knowledge on various woods and their usage on human life. Though it’s a vast area, we had taken a small part as “parquet with day today life” The result shows that, the human pressure and tension in day today life is enormous in all the sectors. When a human brain has time to rest in a place regardless of home or office or holiday in hotel / resort, automatically the eye vision goes around on you. Where there is difference on Natural and artificial. Obviously, our eye, brain and heart come together with natural object. Thus, make us soft feelings.


Our Pledge

“You are deserved to fulfil our commitment”

CEO & Founder


RD Enterprises

Tom Gowtham (CEO & Founder)

The Founder is M.Gowthaman (Tom) who has extensive knowledge of woods recommending Merbau or teak wood for parquet.

Our Company Values

“Trusted business with Trusted Persons”

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